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Wordengine Translation provides comprehensive linguistic services based on professionalism and responsibility. Our specialized translators in over 70 languages, especially Asian languages (simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean), and our experienced project management team can serve you anytime, anywhere.

Desktop Publishing (DTP)

1. The font library includes more than 70 language fonts.
2. Professional desktop publishing and editing service.
3. Full preparation for hardware and software.
四川晓惠商贸有限公司 4. One stop service.

四川晓惠商贸有限公司Our resources can provide services in character or alphabet-based languages. We deliver electronic files and any requested output to meet tight deadlines. Our library of fonts in more than 70 languages includes traditional Chinese, French, Arabic, and Vietnamese. We can typeset files in MAC or PC platforms and deliver the kind of electronic files you prefer. Our software includes: FrameMaker, PageMaker, CorelDraw, Freehand, InDesign, PhotoShop, QuarkXpress, and Illustrator.

Our graphic artists, technology specialists, and linguists work together to ensure that the unique requirements of each language are met.



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