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Wordengine Translation provides comprehensive linguistic services based on professionalism and responsibility. Our specialized translators in over 70 languages, especially Asian languages (simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean), and our experienced project management team can serve you anytime, anywhere.


1. Professional interpretation evaluation system.
2. Comprehensive service.
3. Project managers with a wide variety of experience.
4. An open quote to the client.

四川晓惠商贸有限公司Wordengine has established a complete evaluation system. The test for interpreters is an approximately 45 minute interview with key emphasis on pronunciation, vocabulary, specialty terms, language switch, and the on-site reaction performance. Project managers assign the appropriate person for the job according to the client’s requirements.

Wordengine can provide interpretation service in Sino-English, Sino-French, Sino-Japanese, Sino-German, Sino-Italian, and Sino-Spanish. And 20 languages. The items of the interpretation service include :
• consecutive interpretation
Oral translation of a speaker’s words into another language when the speaker has concluded or has paused for interpreting. This service is normally used in one-on-one appointments, medical visits, and court hearings.

• simultaneous interpretation
Oral translation of a speaker’s words into another language while the speaker is speaking. This usually requires using special audio equipment.

• conference interpretation
Specialized skill requiring one direction, simultaneous interpreting from one language to another.

• over-the-phone interpretation

• business meeting interpretation

• wispering interpretation

• escort interpretation

四川晓惠商贸有限公司 Wordengine keeps in touch with famous simultaneous interpreters in Beijing and Shanghai and can provide the equipment for simultaneous translation. Project managers follow every step to provide service when needed.

The quote for interpretation services is open to client/interpreter negotiation to ensure a mutual benefit to both sides.



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