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Wordengine Translation provides comprehensive linguistic services based on professionalism and responsibility. Our specialized translators in over 70 languages, especially Asian languages (simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean), and our experienced project management team can serve you anytime, anywhere.

Website localization

1. Experienced IT department.
2. Accurate graphics design.
3. Marketing and maintenance.

Document translation is Wordengine’s core business. But web pages are also our specialty. That means you can rely not only on the text translation of a website, but also the in-house graphics design, web page design, and the debug procedure to ensure that the website is up and running perfectly.

四川晓惠商贸有限公司The DTP department at Wordengine can design the local website to meet the client’s own style and the style of the local culture to ensure that the local website is the very best marketing tool for that environment.

The IT department at Wordengine can help you with the marketing and transmission of your website.

The website localization process includes six stages:

1. Site analysis and quote
We begin by evaluating your site in terms of site objectives, target audience, complexity, and culture-specific content. To create a quote, we look closely at the following:
• word count
• graphics
• scripting, database connectivity
• target languages
Wordengine provides you with a quote, timetable, and a dedicated project manager who will consult with you and your team throughout the process.
If the source site is not finalized, we will communicate with the designers and base our quote on the content and design goals.

2. Localization
Before we begin translating the text we examine the overall content. We check to ensure that none of the content is confusing to the local culture? We confirm the following before the translation:
四川晓惠商贸有限公司  Time zone, currency, phone number, unit of measure, or any other information pertinent to the local setting.

四川晓惠商贸有限公司 Pricing for the main product.

 Distributor information.

3. Glossary
To be sure that we have the perfect text translation we provide a glossary of commonly used terms and jargon according to the reference information provided by the client. This glossary will guarantee accuracy, consistency, and a professional translation.

The Project Manager will select the appropriate translator according to background and experience, and client style. The translation includes the following:
• Text in scripts.
• Raw text.
• Text labels for images.
• Page titles.
四川晓惠商贸有限公司 • Table text.

5. Visual translation
We make sure all graphics and icons are as attractive in the local market as they are in the original market.
DTP department in Wordengine can deal with a variety of different source files, .jpg, .gif, .ai, .eps, .psd with Illustrator, Photoshop, Fireworks, Coreldraw, etc.

6. Testing and delivery
Finally, we will thoroughly test all scripts, links, and the database. Once the result is declared perfect we will deliver the total document by any designated method.



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