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Wordengine can not only satisfy the needs of the client, but also provide the perfect in-house experience according to the client’s every detail. Wordengine will deliver an appropriate proposal or a long-term co-operation contract. And Wordengine is always alert to valuable input by the client.


1. Why do you quote according to the source file, most translation companies always quote on the final Chinese character?

四川晓惠商贸有限公司We insist on offering a quote based on the word count of the source file. This provides a fair quote and prevents the unnecessary stretching of the final translation. Quoting according to the source file ensures that the client is able to control the cost. Most of the freelancers that work with us are located in different countries. And the quote on the source file is the basic quote.

2. We do not need high-quality translation, maybe a Chinese speaker can help us translate them into English. Can you make it cheaper?

Wordengine adheres to the principle of native speaker translation. We can assure you that every document which we deliver to our client will be translated, edited and proofed by our professional translators. We only provide high-quality services. Meanwhile, Wordengine makes a great effort to control costs and to avoid unnecessary expenses. If your budget is too tight we will provide information on the ideal vendor for your needs.

3. There is a lot of jargon in my document, can you do it? Are you sure that your translators are familiar with our field?

四川晓惠商贸有限公司Every finished document that Wordengine provides will comply with our strict procedure: translation, editing, and proofreading. If possible, every team member involved in a project will have specific background knowledge of a particular field, or failing that, the proofreader will have the necessary specific background. If the document translation is beyond our ability, we will tell you and help you find the qualified translation vendors.

4.Can I meet the interpreter who will work with us next week?

Of course you can, we will arrange the meeting for client and interpreter. You can interview the translator by telephone or face-to-face to ensure that you have made the appropriate choice. Our quote is open to the interpreter and the client to maintain fairness for both sides. If you need a simultaneous interpreter, you will bear the cost of rehearsal time.

四川晓惠商贸有限公司5 Can you work for the foreign company?

Wordengine can work with any client from any country if you contact us by internet or mail. In the IT century the world is shrinking. There is no divide between us.

6. It’s a huge project. Can you really do it?

The great feature of Wordengine is Professional Project Management. Before the start of the project, we will analyze the whole project to determine an executable timeframe and provide the client with a proposal that is on time and on budget. We will never promise anything beyond our ability to deliver.



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